Sky-Watcher AllView Mount

Sky-Watcher AllView Mount

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

This multi-purpose computerized mount is designed and intended for a wide variety of applications such as panoramic photography, daytime viewing, videography and astronomical viewing.The AllView is capable of automatically moving to various preprogrammed positions and controls the camera shutter to take a picture at each position automatically, taking the complexity out of producing panoramic video or photographs. It also supports our latest patented Freedom Find (dual-enocder) Technology.

Freedom Find makes tracking easy! The telescope can be moved manually or electronically in either axis without losing its alignment or positional information. After moving to a new object the telescope will automatically begin to track the new object accurately. No re-setup is required in one observing session.

Panorama picture: Electronic shutter release to automatically trigger camera exposures in panoramic mode.

Multi-layer panorama picture: Free-angle, 360 degree, line-by-line panorama.

Motorized panning head: Utilize your still camera to produce panning time-lapse videos.

Tracking and GOTO: AZ SynScan hand control with database of over 42,900 celestial objects

Telescopes up to 5kg can be mounted to either the 45mm dovetail or the supplied L-bracket via a standard 1/4-20 tripod bush. Longer telescopes can be mounted on the outside of the mounting arm allowing complete freedom of vertical movement. The supplied Synscan handset has a database of over 42,900 celestial objects, and can command the mount to locate and track those objects automatically, allowing you to explore the night sky to your heart’s content.

Motorized head detaches for use with most regular tripods using 3/8" thread

Includes shutter release cable for Canon Rebel EOS DSLR cameras. Optional cable available for other camera models.

Video Cruising and Time Lapse mode: DSLR interface

In Video Cruising mode, the mount allows you to capture up to 10 hours of video between two user-determined points. The slewing speed between these points is also programmable. Similarly, in Time Lapse mode the user can choose a starting and finishing point, and a slewing time of up to 10 hours between these points. This feature allows to capture a series of still images (up to 65,535) during the slew, and using suitable image processing software, the images can be merged to create time lapse video.


  • Tripod: Height adjustable, steel legs, accessory tray
  • Alignment Procedures: Brightest star, two-star
  • All View hand controller flash upgradeable
  • Databases: Complete Messier, NGC, IC and SAO catalogues, 25 user-definable objects, total 42,900 objects
  • Camera-adaptable 1/4-20 thread L-bracket included
  • Dovetail Compatibility: Accepts "Vixen style" dovetail
  • Includes shutter release for Canon Rebel EOS; others optional