Software Bisque Paramount MEII German Equatorial Mount

Software Bisque Paramount MEII German Equatorial Mount

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The Paramount MEII is a powerhouse that has been specifically designed to perform in a professional level, high performance, observatory. With an instrument capacity of 240lb (109kg), and a head weight of 50lb (23kg) this mount is designed to perform.

Constructed to a very high degree of quality, the Paramount MEII features brass worms and aluminum gears. The mount itself is a unibody construction made with high-grade aluminum. Furthermore, the mount uses belt-driven gears with spring-loaded worms to eliminate backlash. This allows the mount to achieve less than 7 arcsecond peak-to-peak periodic error.

Coupled with Software Bisque's professional-level software suite, the Paramount MEII can be PEC corrected to have less than 1 arcsecond of periodic error.

The Paramount MEII is designed to alleviate many of the problems other astrophotography setups face. It is capable of tracking three hours past the meridian, potentially eliminating the need to do a meridian flip during an imaging session. It also features a builtin 2 port USB2.0 hub near the camera end of the mount. This reduces the number of wires that have to be strung between the mount and a computer.

The mount also features Software Bisque's Versa-Plate which has been engineered to accept almost any mounting system. Coupled with the mount's heavy-duty capacity, the Paramount MEII is capable of precise operation with even the most demanding of setups.

Built with Paramount's high-end telescope control hardware, the MEII is able to track and slew with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Limited imaging time will not be wasted with this mount trying to centre poorly slewed targets.

Available as an optional add-on with an additional cost are on-axis encoders. By continuously monitoring the movement of the mount, extremely high precision tracking can be obtained without guiding. This addon is ideal for demanding scientific applications where high precision is vital.

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  • 240lb (109kg) instrument capacity
  • Unibody mount that weighs 84lb (38kg)
  • Maximum 7 arcsecond peak-to-peak periodic error before correction
  • USB2.0 computer to mount control interface
  • Onboard USB2.0 hub near camera end of the mount to reduce cable clutter
  • Belt-driven gears with spring loaded worm to virtually eliminate backlash
  • Versatile mounting plate
  • 30 arcsecond all sky pointing accuracy
  • Clutchless design maintains TPoint assisted pointing accuracy
  • Mount automatically stops when it hits something solid (such as the tripod)
  • Oversized bearings with high-torque servo-motors ensures performance is never compromised even at maximum capacity
  • Through mount cabling conduit

Mount & Tripod Weights and Dimensions

  • Weight of the mount: 84lb (38kg)
  • Counterweight shaft: 47 x 4.8cm (18.5 x 1.9")

Included Items

  • 2 x 30lb (14kg) counterweights
  • 48V power supply
  • PC to mount cabling
  • TheSkyX Pro with Camera and TPoint addons