Swarovski TLS APO Telephoto Adapter

Swarovski TLS APO Telephoto Adapter

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

Convert your Swarovski ATX/STX spotting scope into a super telephoto lens with the TLS APO telephoto adapter.

The average telephoto lens is about 200mm. The TSL APO converts the ATX/STX 65mm or 85mm spotting scopes into an 750 to 1800mm telephoto lens, or the ATX/STX 95mm spotting scopes into a 900mm to 2100mm telephoto lens. The effective focal length depends on size of camera chip, and scope zoom factor.

The TLS APO employs a 30mm pancake lens, as recommended by Clay Taylor from Swarovski Optik USA (an American naturalist), which when coupled with the Swarovski eyepiece produces razor-sharp images with excellent field characteristics.

This adapter works on a wide variety of cameras including Digital SLR's (DSLR), micro 4/3rds, and other mirrorless camera bodies (with detachable objective lens), using standard T-ring adapters. We recommend using cameras which produce low noise at higher ISO settings.


  • Fits ATX angled and STX straight body scopes
  • Apochromatic design minimizes chromatic aberration (false color)
  • Easy slip-on design for quick attachment/detachment
  • Works with most DSLR's, micro 4/3rds and other mirrorless camera bodies
  • Accepts standard T-rings


  • Focal length:
    • 750 - 1800mm ⌀ 65mm/85mm
    • 900 - 2100 mm ⌀ 95mm
  • Focal ratio:
    • f/12 to f/28 ⌀ 65mm
    • f/9 to f/21 ⌀ 85mm
    • f/10 to f/22 ⌀ 95mm
  • Camera thread: M42x0.75 - standard T-ring
  • Length: 9.1cm (3.6")
  • Weight: 220g (7.7oz)
  • Color: Black and green - matches scope
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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