Telrad Finder

Telrad Finder


Never miss your target with the Telrad Illuminated Bullseye Finder.

Do you have trouble determining which bright star you're aiming at? With the Telrad Illuminated Bullseye Finder, you see a wider field of view compared to conventional optical finders, making star determination considerably easier, with faster aiming.

Cheap red-dot finders produce a large red dot and use harsh reflective coatings that drop the luminosity of stars. The Telrad Finder provides an easy-to-see-through glass, variable brightness setting, and three bullseye rings measuring 1/2°, 2° and 4°.

The reticule pattern is projected onto the glass at infinity using red light. When you look through the glass, you focus on the stars, which are also at infinity. The result: you see the reticule pattern super-imposed over the star field. Think of it as a heads-up display for your telescope.

Popular with astronomers

Astronomers can quickly position their telescopes, and discern the exact star(s) they're trying to find.

Popular with lighting technicians

Telrads have made in-roads in stage lighting. Lighting technicians use Telrads to quickly and easily aim follow spot lights on entertainers and points of interest in a professional manner. They can remain on-cue, and never guess position or use a pinpoint spot. Always be on-time and on-target.

Lighting technicians sometimes refer to Telrads as guides, scopes or spots. Telrads must be mounted to a rig to isolate the plastic Telrad from the heat generated by the light. A simple arrangement of wood and strong magnets is ideal.

Spare mounting bases are available if you'd like to use the Telrad with different scopes. Also great if you are selling a used telescope and want to keep your Telrad finder; no need to remove the old base.


  • 3-ring bullseye reticule pattern
  • Variable brightness
  • Quick-detach base mounts with double-sided foam tape - no tools required.
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries (included)
  • Height: 127mm (5")
  • Length: 20.8cm (8.2")
  • Mounting Base Length: 17.3cm (6.8")
  • Mounting Base Width: 6cm (2.4") - mounting base
  • Weight: 315g (11oz)