William Optics GT71 Mk II Gran Turismo 71mm f/5.9 Apochromat Refractor OTA (Gold)

William Optics GT71 Mk II Gran Turismo 71mm f/5.9 Apochromat Refractor OTA (Gold)

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

NOTE: The guide scope rings shown here are optional items.

The new GT71 three-element super APO offer superb quality for imaging and visual use at an affordable price! From the pristine white finish on the CNC to the elegant gold trim which has more than just good looks. And it goes with you, being of aircraft carry-on size.


  • Triplet air-spaced objective (FPL-53) in adjustable CNC machined ultra high precision lens cell
  • Extremely sharp
  • Excellent color correction
  • Each lens is Fully Multi-Coated with a special super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all surfaces
  • The F/5.9 objective is ideal for deep-sky astrophotography
  • 2.5” R&P Ultra robust focuser with 1:10 dual speed: a treat to use during astrophotography, with no image shift and no "Crayford slip"
  • Uses a thread-on protective cap for the fine focus knob
  • Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover (Patented) & New Dualside Dovetail Plate (DSD 210) included
  • Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, gold trim finish, retractable dewshield, dewshield cap
  • Top quality anodizing
  • Very compact for carrying on flights
  • 2" & 1.25" adapter included in the price
  • Anti-marring brass compression rings
  • Though you will never need it, you have a 2-year warranty from WO, and the certainty that we will be there to assist you even beyond that, if you need!
  • Retracted Length:325mm (12.8")
  • Tube with Rings and Dovetail Weight:2.2kg (4.85 lbs)

Standard Package Includes

  • Mounting Rings
  • 44mm wide Dovetail
  • Soft carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • 2.5” R&P Focuser
  • Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover (Patented)
  • Two-year, no fuss warranty and constant customer service!


  • Aperture: 71mm (2.8")
  • Focal Ratio: F/5.9
  • Focal Length: 420 mm
  • Objective Type: Synthetic Flourite FPL 53 Triplet, Air Spaced, APO
  • Fully Multi-Coated, STM coating
  • Lens Shade: Retractable
  • Focuser: 2.5" R&P Focuser with 1:10 Dual Speed micro focuser
  • Focuser Travel: 93mm, graduated in millimeters
  • Dial Type Thermometer Built Into Focuser
  • Bhatinov Mask Cover for Critical Focus
  • 1.25" and 2" Adapter: Compression Rings
  • IMount type: Rings and Vixen style dovetail
  • Field Stops: Baffles for Stray Light Suppression
  • Retracted Length: 325mm (15.4")
  • Tube diameter: 82mm (dewcap, 92mm)
  • Tube with Rings and Dovetail Weight: 2.2kg (4.85 lbs)
  • Two year warranty