Xagyl EQMOD Serial Cable for HEQ5/EQ6/Atlas/Sirius

Xagyl EQMOD Serial Cable for HEQ5/EQ6/Atlas/Sirius


The Xagyl EQMOD Serial Cable cable simplifies connecting Sky-Watcher's EQ6 or Orion's Altas computerized equatorial mounts to a PC.

This cable is an all-in-one solution utilizing a computer's RS-232 port, and bypasses the Synscan computerized hand control. It is designed to be used with the EQMOD Ascom driver.


  • Replaces the factory Synscan computerized hand control
  • Finer control over the mount
  • Compatible with all Ascom compatible software

This cable can be used with the optional EQDIR-HEQ5 cable to connect to Sky-Watcher HEQ5 and Orion Sirius mounts.

The ASCOM platform can be downloaded here.
The EQMOD EQASCOM telescope driver can be downloaded here.