Xagyl EQMOD USB Cable for EQ6/Atlas EQ-G

Xagyl EQMOD USB Cable for EQ6/Atlas EQ-G

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The Xagyl EQMOD USB cable simplifies connecting the EQ6 and Atlas EQ-G computerized equatorial mounts made by Synta to a PC. Using EQMOD with Ascom provides the user with increased fine-grain control over their mount, enhanced with a convenient on-screen graphical interface.

This cable is an all-in-one solution utilizing a computer's USB port, and bypasses the Synscan computerized hand control. It is designed to be used with the EQMOD Ascom driver.

Mount Compatibility

  • Sky-Watcher EQ6
  • Orion Atlas EQ-G
  • Mount must be equipped with the Synscan computer drive system


  • Doesn't require a separate USB to RS-232 serial adapter
  • Replaces the factory Synscan computerized hand control
  • Finer control over the mount
  • Consistent COM port numbering regardless of USB port
  • Compatible with all Ascom compatible software

Computer Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • One free USB port
  • Ascom API package


Required Software

The ASCOM platform can be downloaded here.

The EQMOD EQASCOM telescope driver can be downloaded here.

The EQDIR driver can be downloaded here.

If you want to use Stellarium to aim the mount, you will need:

Stellarium, can be downloaded here.


Set up Stellarium for telescope control

  • Launch Stellarium
  • Select the Configuration icon (left pop-up toolbar)
  • Select the Plugins Tab
  • Scroll down the list till you see Telescope Control
  • Click on Load at Startup
  • Shutdown Stellarium
  • Re-launch Stellarium.
  • Click on the Telescope Control button (bottom pop-up toolbar)
  • Add your telescope
  • Select ASCOM as the interface